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Plastic damage and the benefit of non-woven shopping bags:

Perhaps you want to know whether cloth bags are of great importance, and is plastic really harmful to human health, environment and living organisms of course? Yes, and in this article, we will explain to you the answer that plastic is one of the products that do not analyze over time so that it can live on long periods of time, which leads to damage to the environment, man and objects The plastic serpent became the first enemy to haunt the world, so there are great associations that began to urge the ban on the use of plastics and the replacement of fabric bags, and this is because of the severe damage that plastics do to humans, the environment and living organisms. Plastic has a negative impact on the health of A person as he is exposed to many malignant diseases and this is due to the harmful chemicals that enter in the formation that leads to severe and severe harm to humans and the environment and living organisms The plastic leads to infection infertility for men and women and leads to disturbances in the glands and intestine and also the incidence of malignant diseases such as cancer and diabetes and others It is one of the diseases, as the plastic has other damages when storing hot foods in it. The plastic and the chemicals that go into a composition interact with the foods that are kept inside, which negatively affects human health when eating these foods. To get malignant diseases such as cancer and our first advice to you is to avoid that you have to replace the plastic bags with the cloth bag and this to preserve your health and safety as the fabric bags do not interact with the heat of the things that are kept inside as the fabric bags work to preserve the temperature of the foods that are kept inside and not the interaction With it and other damages by plastic bags,

There is damage to the natural environment, where when burning plastic bags and trying to get rid of it produces toxic gases that pollute the environment and affect the perforation of the weight, as the plastic waste leads to distorting the aesthetic view For a year for the natural environment, and if there are countries that use plastic, they will harm themselves with these waste materials from the plastic as this waste will affect tourism because it has distorted the aesthetic landscape in it and the plastic shaves the damage to the marine environment as it has led to the death of a large number of living organisms where studies have proven It led to the death of large numbers of marine reptiles and whales, and this is because of the plastic that led to their suffocation and consequently led to their death, so all the preservation of the marine environment has in some countries prevented the use of plastic and replaced it with environmentally friendly fabric bags. Well, it has enacted laws to prevent the use of plastic bags and replace it with a cloth, such as the State of Morocco and France and some European countries, and it is your now after this read the article to start your own and you replace the plastic bags Baelchent canvas.

Benefits of Non-Woven bags:

After you know the damages of the plastic, you have to know the benefits of the Non-Woven shopping bags. The fabric bags are distinguished by modern colors and modern designs and the ability to implement any design on them as they are distinguished by they bear all weights unlike plastic bags and there are all shapes, sizes and sizes, as well as the fabric bags, are distinguished against bacteria Against the water, all things can be preserved and suitable for all modern daily uses and there are colors that suit all hiccups in addition to being environment-friendly and do not affect the human health. We were the alternative and start yourself and prevent the use of plastic bags and use u Canvas Call us now and don’t hesitate and get our special offers.