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Perhaps you know the trend of the world today to use cloth and replace it with plastic bags because of the serious damage that plastic bags inflict on humans, the environment and the health of animals, so the use of small cloth bags has become an urgent necessity, and everyone must turn to using cloth bags and replace them with plastic bags, and you must know the damages Plastic, plastic is not just a material from which plastic bags are made only. The chemicals that go into the manufacture of plastic bags have serious harms to human health, including increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s infection and the possibility of developing cancers. Also, chemicals that go into the manufacture of plastic bags lead to exposure to human health. A great danger, as when food and foodstuffs are stored in plastic bags, the chemicals interact with the materials and food that are preserved and lead to exposing human health to a great danger when the materials and food that were kept in plastic bags are eaten and used, as the chemicals that enter the plastic industry lead To expose human health to a great risk, such as exposing a person to an increase in fat storage in the body The human being and the increase in insulin resistance in the human body and the serious damage caused by plastic bags does not stop at this point only, but also exposes the chemicals that are used in the manufacture of plastics to a decrease in the level of sex hormones and leads to a negative impact on the reproductive system of males and females and this is on the level of human health and perhaps you You have now realized the serious damage caused to you by plastic bags, and this is in terms of human health and the environment. Plastic bags did not stop only at the point of human exposure to many and dangerous diseases, but also negatively affected the environment and the animals in which they live. The chemicals that go into making plastic bags have damages Dangerous to the environment and to animals, including pollution of air, water and soil. The reason is due to the dangerous chemicals that enter the plastic industry and leak from them and negatively affect the air, water and soil. Plastic bags also have a negative impact on the biological level as plastic bags are difficult to decompose plastic if it needs more One hundred to one hundred thousand years to decompose, and plastic bags with large thickness lead to events Blockages in sewage systems in cities, which lead to floods in them during the rainy season and the plastic materials that are thrown into the seas and oceans cause the killing of millions of marine organisms annually, such as the killing of thousands of sea turtles and the death of many marine animals, which leads to an imbalance in the ecological balance, In terms of the environment and animals in which plastic materials live, serious effects include the use of cups and saucers made of porcelain or glass when consuming hot foods and drinks, and if a metal or glass cup or saucer is not available, then paper cups and saucers can be used, as they are healthy and environmentally safe for easy dissolution and when buying plastic toys for children We must ensure that the product is free of internationally banned materials, and plastic bags can be dispensed with using small cloth bags for daily needs and uses, so from now we have to replace the plastic bags with cloth bags from the United nonwoven Bags Company. Small cloth bags provided by United nonwoven Bags fit all materials Produced by companies, institutions and shops where if you are the owner of a company or shop and offer different products and under Go to nonwoven bags in which you present your products, as the small cloth bags provided by the United nonwoven Bags Company help you to put the logo of the store or the company, and you can also make a mobile advertisement on small nonwoven bags and also the nonwoven bags that are made by the Small nonwoven Bags Company are characterized by high quality and unmatched material For her, we at the United nonwoven Bags Company are considered the best choice for you. If you are looking for small nonwoven bags, we offer you the best different and varied offers in selling nonwoven bags. Contact us now and enjoy the best offers, materials and diversity in shapes provided by the United nonwoven Bags Company for the manufacture of small nonwoven bags.