Environmentally friendly fabric bags are made from analyzable tissues as they have the ability to degrade from living organisms and bacteria. There is an environmental initiative for the Ministry of Environment that has raised a slogan saying: (Reduce your use of plastic bags and use the alternative) as they tended to limit the use of plastic bags And the use of alternative means, and that at the global level, as it is based on the invitation that is directed to the use of paper and cloth bags that do not represent harm to the environment and do not represent a threat to the atmosphere or to the soil.

Wholesale nonwoven bags

There are fabric bags of woven fabric and other non-woven fabric. These two types do not differ except by their composition, as they share a multiplicity of colors and their ability to print operations, and these types of fabrics are subject to brilliant colors and brilliant colors. The bags that he made of the non-woven fabric have few costs than the bags that produce Of woven fabrics, however, the shapes and sizes of these bags are varied as well, and the bags are durable and are used for many uses.

What are the most common fabrics that are used to produce recyclable bags?

Non-woven fabrics (RPET) and woven fabrics that are made of polypropylene. These fabrics are the most common fabrics for making fabric bags. They are produced by tying threads together. Durable and soft fabrics are produced, RPET is fabrics made from a plastic glass. Where it is recycled and the curse of fine tissue is produced, and here a question can be asked … which is whether the plastic materials that are used to produce the fabric of the fabrics can cause problems ?? We answer this question B No, the plastic materials that are used to manufacture polypropylene It is classified as a safe species And use it on a wide range of species That all be steadfast in front of printing regardless of the printing method that is used.

Fabric bags are made of non-woven fabric and the types of bags that are produced are:

Non-woven bags.
• Green bags made of plain cloth.
Linen bags.

Canvas bags have many advantages that make resorting to their use important:

• They are safe bags and do not contain toxic substances such as plastic bags.
Plastic bags are easy to analyze and fully analyzed within 6 months.
• Plastic bags are reusable many times, in addition to that bags are washable and clean.
• When using cloth bags, we will preserve the environment as a way to protect the green environment. This will reduce pollution resulting from the breakdown of plastic bags in the soil and from their obstruction to plant growth.
• Canvas bags are environmentally friendly and safe.
• Fabric bags with a variety of materials allow carrying weights and have many colors.
• For its raw materials and colors, plastic bags have become a distinctive advertising medium.

Because there are many reasons that would encourage you to carry cloth bags, this type of bags and bags has become the favorite of many women at the world level, so we are going to send a message to the women of the world until we tell them that what they use of bags and plastic bags are unnecessary types and metabolites that harm the environment and cried and your children As it helps you to carry unexpected purchases, it carries a lot of purchasing weights that you did not plan, how many times have you bought as purchases that you did not plan to, so keep away from carrying plastic bags and carry environmentally friendly bags, and help you carry a lot.
We will show you what are the reasons that make you carry bags made of fabric:

You will save money:

The shop owners are turning to sell plastic bags, even though fees are imposed on each bag that the customer takes. Of course, these are plastic bags that you buy permanently when you go to the purchases. As for the fabric bags, they bear a lot and you can use them more than once by providing many bags that dealers use. So head toward saving your money and buying fabric bags.

• Canvas bags are the strongest:

Of course, you have had my experience that your purchases fall to the ground as a result of cutting the plastic bag that you carry. This is a normal situation because the plastic bags are weak and not durable, they are designed until they are disposed of, unlike the cloth bags, they are durable and bear a lot of purchasing weights. Use it many times over long periods of time, too, so go ahead and place your purchases in fabric bags, and you will definitely be safe.

Stylish Bags:

Bags made of the fabric have an elegant shape that distinguishes them when carrying them gives you a nice look definitely better than plastic and also with its different shapes and different types and different printing is definitely the best.

Environment-saving cloth bags:

It is important for you to be aware of the dangers of plastic bags on the environment that surrounds you in the environment, from the atmosphere and soil of animals, and this certainly returns to you, and this is not directly caused by us. Plastic bags cause great damage to the environment. Fabric bags are a smart and great way to contribute to protecting your environment. Each of us providing a positive step will definitely affect change and will benefit all of us.

• Canvas bags will reduce harmful plastic bags:

Do you know that people who use plastic bags annually reach about a trillion people? When you place purchases with these environmentally friendly bags, you are sharing this statistic. Plastic bags have a period of use and when they are finished either they are neglected or they are recycled and ultimately the sea and the land receive piles of them And thus you will be the cause of threat to the lives of animals and our health as well. The best solution here is to turn to environmentally friendly bags. The fabric bags are durable and harmless.

What are the damages of plastic bags:

• Although the plastic bags have high elasticity, the plastic bags represent a real threat to health and the environment. These bags need a lot of time to degrade and reach up to 400 or 1000 years, until the bags completely disintegrate, which is a major obstacle in terms of plastic bags.
• It leads to food contamination mostly. If the bag is black, for example, it contaminates the meat inside, the plastic bags have some materials in their parts that may dissolve easily and move to the food inside the bags, so be careful to beware of putting foods with those bags.
• Plastic bags are light elements that carry the atmosphere easily and move. When they are transferred, they fall on agricultural lands, soil the soil with what it decomposes, and kill the animals if they swallow it, suffocate and die.
• Bags can also settle when carrying them in the air in rivers, oceans, and seas, and thus lead to damage to marine organisms. Time on the other side can block sewage networks and cause problems.
• When thrown to the ground, they prepare a bowl of germs that multiply after the period of time and cause the growth of plants to be hampered when those bags of the sunblock the plant.