Wholesale nonwoven bags, If you want wholesale nonwoven bags that have a good quality, high quality, and excellent prices, just contact us, you may have started to know the importance of cloth bags after the damage that plastic does to humans, the environment and naturalness. Environmental and human societies began to collect efforts to urge the world to replace plastic with bags of fabric bags and this Because of its rhetorical importance in protecting the environment and the human being and it does not cause damages like plastic damage, in this article I will deal with you with everything related to plastic and damage, and what causes human health, the environment, and living organisms, and also we will talk to you about bags of cloth in sentences And knowledge of specifications and the most important uses that can be used by.


Why should you get Wholesale nonwoven bags

Plastic damages:

You have to bear in mind that plastic has become the first enemy of a person who enters a body and damages it. Plastic contains a large group of harmful chemicals that go into a structure and do a strike, and chemicals do not only harm the human being, but also damage the natural environment, as the plastic contains On chemical materials that are difficult to decompose, which leads to increasing garbage in the environment and distorting the aesthetic and natural appearance of the natural environment and alienating tourists who come to the country to see the natural manifestations and the negatives and other damages that the plastic does in the environment And the death of a very large number of marine animals and fish also, as studies indicate that plastic leads to killing a large number of sea turtles and whales in the seas and oceans, because the plastic is difficult to dissolve and it is inside the waste inside these seas and oceans so the fish swallow the plastic bags, which leads to suffocation And lead to its death Statistics confirmed that the ratios of marine whale deaths due to plastic has reached large numbers in recent years and it is necessary to work to cancel the plastic bags and replace them with bags and bags of cloth as they do not cause significant damage such as plastic One of the other damages that the plastic exerts negatively on the animal environment and the birds inside the natural Plastic increases the waste inside the natural where studies confirmed that there are millions of seagulls die annually due to plastic waste and statistics confirmed that about 98% of the natural birds are in its device The digestive trash is a plastic waste, and this leads to contamination of its tissues because of the plastic. These tissues will weaken and get sick over time and eventually lead to killing the natural birds. In addition, the plastic bags suffocate the birds by swallowing them and from the severe damage Also for plastics that, after knowing the damage it causes to the natural environment, birds and marine animals, some societies and institutions responsible for protecting the natural environment try to dispose of plastic bags, and despite the disposal, the plastic causes severe damage to the soil and atmosphere, as the disposal of plastic by burning leads to Toxic gas emissions are harmful to the atmosphere, and this is because of the chemicals that plastic bags are installed from. Also, burning plastic bags increases the proportions of organic compounds in the air, which leads to defects and disturbances in the air environment. It produces toxic gases and emissions that affect the endocrine glands of humans, the lung, and the cells and tissues inside each of the humans, plants, and animals. Also, there are negative damages to plastics on natural soil. On the soil where it affects its fertility.

Characteristics of nonwoven bags:

After you realize the damage caused to you by the plastic, you have to replace the plastic with the bags of the nonwoven bags, as the fabric bags have advantages on the practical side, as the fabric is made of non-woven fabric, which does not lead to damages like plastic. Plastic bags are distinguished by raw materials, quality, high quality, and modern colors Suitable for all markets. Also, plastic bags can be used in all uses. They are strong and durable against water and withstand all weights and sizes. You can get bulk fabric bags at premium prices and high-quality materials. Contact us.