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How do Wholesale nonwoven Bags help you with commerce, fame and competition:

In light of the great competition in the competitive market, every competitor is looking for features that work to attract the attention of target customers for products, goods and services. Attracting the attention of target customers does not only stop at the quality of the products, raw materials and prices that are unmatched. There must be other support for the products, goods and services that you provide from The first means of support in attracting the attention of the target customers for goods, products and services is how to provide those services, products and goods to the target customers. There is a vivid example of that topic. It is said that the eye sees things first before tasting them and before using them. There are companies and institutions that fall into a big mistake in the sale, purchase and process. Competitiveness, as there are many companies looking for great competition, but they cannot. The reason is that there are many stores, companies and institutions that use plastic bags, and these bags have many defects at the commercial level, the health level, and the commercial level. They have many defects, including the following:

Plastic bags do not bear many weights like Wholesale nonwoven bags:

One of the disadvantages of plastic bags at the commercial level is that plastic bags do not bear large weights such as cloth bags, as the plastic bag does not bear large weights and is piece and wrapped in a short time. As for wholesale cloth bags that can carry a lot of weights and weights, as well as that you can use more than Once and cannot be damaged.

Plastic bags do not have a decent aesthetic:

Another disadvantage of plastic bags is that they give an inappropriate appearance to the things that are placed in them, unlike wholesale cloth bags that give a decent aesthetic appearance to a company, institution and shop because they are distinguished by that they are made of high quality and with high quality and there are many types of cloth bags, including clouds, hands and other forms That give a decent aesthetic appearance.

Among the disadvantages of plastic bags at the sanitary level:

There are several negative effects of plastic bags on the health level, including that plastic bags lead to danger to people’s lives as it exposes a person to serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, blood pressure and other negative effects of plastic bags. The reason is that plastic bags contain dangerous chemicals that are involved in their manufacture. These chemicals endanger human life, and plastic bags have many and serious damages, including that they interact with hot things that are placed inside and thus endanger human life.

Plastic bags do not degrade:

Another damage to plastic bags is that they cannot be decomposed over the years and also have negative effects on the environment and living organisms, as they lead to the death of many marine whales, turtles, and others, and at the environmental level, they distort the aesthetic appearance of the environment, and burning them leads to the emission of toxic gaseous substances.

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