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Years of experience in non-woven industries

United Company for Non – Woven Industries

Non Woven Bags – Eco Friendly Bags

United Company for non-woven bags industries based in Mahalla. The most famous industrial city in Egypt. We specialize in manufacturing non-woven bags of all sizes and sizes in order to cover all the purposes of our customers. Bag printing is also an important part of our work at our factory premises.

Our goal is to preserve the nature of the pollution that has exhausted it and to provide a product that serves the customer and meets all its requirements, so we export our products to any country in the world and does not cost the client any additional amounts where the cost of shipping anywhere in the world is zero.

The company has hundreds of experienced workers in addition to our high-quality production line that produces huge amounts of products per month. We offer high quality product at competitive price.

We work hard to continuously develop our factories to raise product quality and make it environmentally friendly. Our company produces the best non-woven bags as it delivers to the customer where it was without additional cost and free from defects.

We take great care of our customers’ opinions before and after production and we make improvements based on customer feedback. So of course you are welcome at any time to visit our headquarters or request any product information before purchasing.

Our Mission & Vision

The European Union has initiated several measures to reduce the rate of pollution of heavily polluted nature. One of the most important of these measures is to reduce the use of lightweight plastic bags due to environmental damage. So many EU countries began to ban plastic bags one by one.

Non-woven bags stand out as the best suitable replacement for plastic bags. In the European Union, many countries import non-woven bags. One reason for this import is the lack of sufficient EU producers and competitive prices. But imports from the Far East have some risks. The most important is the long shipping time and customs obligations. Non Woven United works to meet customer demands within the EU in the best of circumstances. Non Woven United has a very fast and highly experienced team, offering the best prices with the best shipping and production time in ever-growing market conditions. Non Woven United is proud of its contribution to nature and the environment through the prices of non-woven bags where we offer a price and quality to suit all markets.

Non Woven Bags – Eco Friendly Bags

United Company for Non – Woven Industries

Years of experience in non-woven industries and production with high quality materials

United Company for Non – Woven Industries


Al Mahalla Al Kubra – The first Qutour Road – Mamdouh Al Shoura Street

Tel: 01000103506/01100080548

TeleFax : (002) 0402125105

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