Non Woven Bags - Eco Friendly Bags

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Non-woven fabric bags made of 100% reusable and reusable material.

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Non Woven Bags

United Company for Non-Woven Bags Industries is one of the first companies in the Middle East pursuant to this industry. The company specializes in manufacturing eco-friendly fabric bags with excellent raw materials and high quality products to serve many industries serving large areas such as shops, confectionery shops, hotels, festivals, promotional exhibitions, agricultural sector, etc.

Non-woven fabric bags are fabric-like material made of basic fibers (short) and long fibers (long continuous), linked together by chemical or mechanical treatment, heat treatment or solvents. Non-woven materials are used in many life applications.

Non Woven Bags - Eco Friendly Bags


Very practical and suitable for all uses and business

Eco Friendly

Non-woven fabric is 100% biodegradable 

Water Resistant

Strong and practical, it is never affected by water


High strength for use in a wide range of works

Modern and Attractive Colors

Our bags are characterized by distinctive colors and wonderful designs attractive work by a group of the best designers of our company and the customer has the ability to add their own logo or legitimate on the bag to be used with various products

You can always choose your favorite color and design you want to add on non-woven fabric bags and we will do what you want

Non Woven Bag Eco Friendly

The world is now interested in preserving the environment that has been exhausted by plastics, especially the marine environment.

Our company offers environmentally friendly canvas bags that do not leave any solid and naturally biodegradable waste in a long time without leaving any damage to the environment. It can also be used frequently, which we call environmental bags

High-Quality Materials

Non-woven fabrics of new materials are environmentally friendly non-woven fabric bags flexible non-toxic to the environment and low price but did you also know that they are very strong bags can be used in the promotion of all products

The customer can reuse them more than once and the customer can reuse them more than once in carrying things because of the strength of its materials and durability. The bags of the United Company fabric are really distinctive with a strong carrying capacity and a strong handbag which makes them fit for all uses

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Non Woven Bags | Eco Friendly Bags

United Company for Non – Woven Industries

United Company for Non – Woven Industries


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