Non-Woven bag There has been a high demand for a number of users to use Non-Woven bags instead of plastic and this is where studies have shown the seriousness of plastic to human health as the chemicals that make plastic expose human health to large dangers and negatively affect the digestive system and exposure to many diseases Chronic, such as pressure, sugar, heart, and cancer. Plastic does not only negatively affect human health but also negatively affects the environment and poses a grave danger as it affects negatively on marine life and leads to the suffocation of marine organisms in addition to distortion. The aesthetic views of the environment, therefore, began to use Non-Woven bags and this because it has the advantages of making it unique from plastic.

Non-Woven bags

Why use Non-woven bags:

The non-woven bags have several characteristics and features of them

Strong endurance of Non-woven bag:

Non-Woven bag is durable and durable to suit all sizes and weights. Unlike plastic, they do not withstand heavyweights.

Variety shapes:

There are Non-Woven bag produced in several different forms and distinctive suit all uses and business, whether in the daily field of our lives or shopping, they are suitable with all services and this is a unique feature it can carry foods of all kinds and can put clothes in it can also be suitable for ladies where high-end colors make Many ladies want to use it in their daily work.

High quality and material:

Fabric bags are produced with very high quality in fabrication and this is because of the fabric they are made with. Quality plastic chemicals are made with no quality.


Plastic analyzes over a long period of time and this causes the risk of death of a large number of organisms and can not recycle plastic is only suitable for use one Non-Woven bag can be suitable for all uses and can be easily cleaned like ordinary clothes and fabrics and does not require effort It is also environmentally friendly and human and does not pose any danger to humans.

low cost:

The majority of the factories that produce Non-Woven bags are exported with high-quality materials at low cost, unlike plastics which are high in cost and are sold to customers.

Possibility of marketing and advertising:

With Non-Woven bags, you can shop for products and goods where you can design a Non-Woven bag suitable for the shop you are shopping for and put your identity and logo.

Non-Woven bags have become the most widely used and used in our world