Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing, has become a large demand, especially after a large number of countries have banned the production of plastic bags in the country and the presence of some of the initiatives that have been popular in many parts of the world urges individuals to use dangerous plastic bags and stresses the need to replace them with bags of Non-woven fabric because it is environmentally friendly and has many characteristics and features have made these nonwoven bags occupy a great place in the world of marketing and made there a field of fierce competition among many companies to produce high-quality raw materials so that owners of companies and shops to buy them to They use these bags to promote and market their products.

Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing

Non-woven bags have become a part of our life because plastic bags pose a great danger to the environment. The Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing bags is environmentally friendly and can be recycled and wear out only for long periods of time.

Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing is made of polypropylene and each of these materials have chemical properties different from the other polyethylene, which is made in plastic bags, its own partial chemical composition is very difficult to degrade, where one plastic bag can take about 300 It can be completely degraded so it can cause severe damage to the environment, especially in the seas and oceans, where it is harmed by marine fish. Polypropylene, which is produced in the Non-woven bag manufacturing, has its own chemical composition that can be degraded within 90 days with recycling capacity. It is used more than once in addition to pollution to the environment and does not cause any harm to the organisms in the environment unlike plastic bags.

Advantages of Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing:

Non-woven bags have many features are durable and easy to clean and washable such as cloth clothes in addition to inexpensive, both for the individual who uses them or for the marketer who sells them and has many forms of use can be carried to shopping or use for food bags and carry large quantities such as rice or flour and this Because it keeps the temperature of the things that carry inside it is breathable and anti-corrosion and bacteria.
Non-woven bags have an attractive appearance and highly attention Unlike plastic bags are produced non-woven bags with high-quality materials so they are strong and durable can be used many times, as well as its advantages in the field of marketing and advertising as it is a mobile marketing means among individuals where the company name is printed or The shop and their logo, are promoted and marketing of the product through the circulation of individuals for non-woven bags and enjoy the vibrant and modern colors attract many customers to it, as well as water resistance and maintain the heat of things inside.

Have non-woven bags replaced plastic bags?

Of course, yes, non-woven bags have replaced plastic bags. This is very clear and noticeable. The whole world is interested in the news about the production of non-woven bags. This is due to a great effort of environmental activists to make people aware of the importance of producing non-woven bags in our working life. In the prohibition of the production of plastic bags and this to preserve the environment from the damage caused by plastic bags and there are a large number of companies are Non-woven bag manufacturing with different types of high quality and very accurate.

Does plastic negatively affect our health?

Plastic material has a lot of damage to our health, so there is an intensive effort by environmental activists and governments around the world to replace plastic bags with non-woven bags. This is because plastic bags cause damage such that they are not biodegradable can not be disposed of only by burning and this affects negatively Keeping foods in plastic bags is a major risk to our health. When hot foods are placed in plastic bags, this leads to the interaction of certain substances that enter the industry with foods, leading to hormonal disorders in palpation. Dioxin, a major component of plastic bags, is the first ingredient in the manufacture of plastic bags. It contains toxic organic substances that some people describe as carcinogens. The substance by reacting and decomposing with things inside them leads to an increased risk of cancer diseases such as uterine and breast cancer.

The plastic bags industry does not stop at this point, it is involved in the manufacture of many organic materials such as Bai Acifenol and vinyl chloride, which reduces the levels of testosterone in the body and plastic bags contain a high proportion of lead, which is very dangerous when left these bags in the sun The lead lead to the production of harmful gases on human health and leaving bags in the ground and in the streets increases the proportion of bacteria and the accumulation of rotting water, which adversely affect human health and the environment.
The plastic bags with black colors have great harm to human health, especially when putting foods in them. When placing foods in them, the organic materials entering the industry interact with foods, which increases the incidence of cancer and other malignant diseases. It leads to the melting of toxins inside the plastic, which makes these toxins mix with foods, which negatively affects human health and increases the rate of exposure to many diseases such as diabetes.