Zipper non-woven bags These types of bags are characterized by their durability and reuse significantly has been made to withstand years of use and improved to carry heavyweight The lower part of the bag has been woven properly to make it straight, the zipper is placed to connect the two parts, it is one of the most diverse types of bags Laptop bags, food bags, and personal tote bags can be produced.

Zipper non-woven bags made of durable fabric with a zipper and often have long shoulders to avoid the need to use a separate shoulder strap.

Zipper non-woven bags

How To produce Zipper in your own way:

First, we choose the right non-woven fabric so that the fabric is durable and has multiple colors.
Cut the fabric into two rectangular pieces of equal size you want and take into account that the width of the fabric is suitable for the zipper that will be installed.
They bring a suitable zipper of a suitable length, preferably longer than the width, to facilitate sewing.
Then, to sew the two pieces of fabric so that the opposite sides are correct, you can install the two pieces with pins as you want it in its final form, which would simplify the process of sewing you.
Bring the zipper and open a part of it so that you can sew it with the cloth. It is not difficult to sew on you to make sure that you sew from the inside exactly beside the zipper tape. Make sure to sew both sides carefully and re-sewing on this part more than once in order to install the zipper well.
Go to open the bag on the other side and to take out the corners Attract the corners of the fabric as per your wish, but each corner is equal to each other and to ensure that the bag take the shape of the box and to carry out this step correctly Pull the corners and secure them with pins until it becomes clear to the final shape after sewing If the corners are similar Determine the pen and the ruler or cut the color assigned to the cloth and then sew the corners for one time and adjust the bag to see the corners is correct If they are set, then repeat the process of sewing again on the corners.
After that, they cut the excess parts of the sewing.
Then bring cloth of another color until you wrap the bag from the inside and make sure to sand the ends.

Ways to repair Zipper non-woven bags:

Repair the damaged zipper with wax: At first, wax helps the zipper to slide again you can do the wax with the teeth of the cloud and on the side, it is best to use natural colored wax because this type of wax does not leave a trace on clothes and easy to use.

Repair the damaged zipper with a waxy pen: bypassing the pen on the zipper and it is better to turn to the use of pencils with the same color cloth.
Fix the damaged zipper with a soap bar: a piece of soap is rubbed on the zipper teeth up and down.

Yandex way to fix broken lizard: This method is commonly used where you buy Index and soak the fabric surrounding the cloud inside you can drag down slowly repeatedly until it returns to its normal course.