Small non-woven bags for all shops and all commercial activities with high quality and raw materials and manufacturing all sizes and sizes of cloth bags are designed with the best designs and drawings. All bags are produced to become qualified to be environmentally friendly. This is after the world trend to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags.

After the dangers that have become a threat to the world because of plastic bags, there is a big trend in the world to replace plastic bags with bags made of cloth and this because of the risks to human and the environment because of plastic was used in all aspects of life was plastic bags of various types and sizes was carrying vegetables and fruits Meat, and exceeded all aspects of life became carrying everything inside them, but it was noted the dangers that worsened because of them and led to a negative impact on the world of the seas and oceans, plastic bags led to the death of a large number of whales and fish Many countries have suffered the death of large numbers of natural fish and the reason for this death is due to the ingestion of plastic bags thrown in the seas and oceans, which lead to suffocation of fish The whole world began to warn against the use of plastic bags The European Union began to warn against the use of plastic bags and followed the United States of America and began to develop a set of procedures and laws that prohibit the use of plastic bags and a large number of states prohibit the use of plastic bags, there are 12 states Do not use plastic bags.

Africa began to join the US and Europe in warning the use of plastic bags and this is because they do not analyze and increase the volume of waste and affect living organisms human, animal and fish. Plastic bags By 2020, you must assess the magnitude of the risks to plastic, there must be a world awareness that plastic bags are not suitable for the preservation of food and food is suitable for garbage only and should not put any hot food because it affects eating A form that leads to carcinogenic diseases as the hot food preserved in it reacts with materials made of plastic bags, which leads to exposure to many diseases such as impotence among men and women, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, immune dysfunction and the presence of defects and strikes in the nervous system, so there began to go Because of the large numbers of factories working on the production of small non-woven bags are environmentally friendly and the advantages of bags made of fabric that they are not designed and can be cleaned like ordinary cloth in addition to it is durable and carry large sizes inside and can be breathable and keep the heat of things inside Do not interact with the food preserved in them, therefore, bags made of cloth is the best alternative to plastic bags and bags made of cloth have the advantages of marketing for any business activity as they are printed on the company logo and the shop and contact numbers and address, which enhances the brand of products and goods. These bags made of cloth are not designed and circulated between friends and this marketing means does not need any effort but helps your business to expand and reach new customers through the movement of bags made of cloth between friends and family and through talking NH makes you get a new client for you.

Why should you use small non-woven bags?

After the laws that have been put in place in some countries of the world and some big initiatives that are happening in the world to educate people to use bags made of cloth instead of plastic bags come to you some questions Why is it better for you? Why is it the best alternative to plastic bags? After we explained to you at the beginning of the article about the risks to humans and the environment due to plastic bags, but there are a number of other reasons will make you prefer bags made of cloth bags of plastic bags First of all bags made of cloth strong durability unlike plastic bags are carrying sizes do not expect that they These bags made of fabric process to suit all times it can be carried to the market and can be used as a stylish and beautiful handbag, the designs that make it suitable for all working conditions unlike plastic bags that do not fit all For the purposes and cut when placing large sizes Aziz reader has a great responsibility when reading this topic must be after the knowledge of the value of bags made of cloth and know the risks to the environment and humans because of plastic bags You have to start first yourself and reduce the use of plastic bags there are about one trillion Plastic bags are consumed annually and this statistic is very dangerous so you have to start yourself and reduce the use of plastic bags and aware with you about the seriousness of these bags and started yourself and preserve your environment and use bags made of cloth It lasts cent longer have and can be used in a variety of purposes as it is inexpensive and high quality, despite the severity of manufacture.

If you care about the environment and appreciate its importance you should use small non-woven bags where we must keep pace with all the initiatives that occur in the world to block the use of plastic bags that negatively affect human health and the environment must be a great awareness of the dangers of plastic and work to replace with bags made of friendly cloth The environment must be raised to raise the level of production until the use of plastic is strictly prohibited. Also, You can always get wholesale non-woven bags to control your budget and keep your brand with your customer Always share the article with others to benefit the seriousness of plastic and awareness of the importance of bags made of environmentally friendly cloth and in your opinion by 2020 Will plastic bags disappear from the world?