Non-woven fabric bags, which have recently spread widely despite the start of their production in the forties until the fifties, where they are used in many daily fields such as the medical field, clothing, household fabrics and other fields that cannot be dispensed with, so very large quantities of non-woven fabric raw materials are produced by Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable material, durable, heavyweight, and easy to fold. The reason for its widespread spread is the damages of plastic bags that pose great harm to the environment because they are made of completely toxic materials that are not environmentally friendly, and this is due to us with deadly diseases that have increased recently, such as cancer, so most countries have recently moved to prevent plastic bags permanently and start In the search for an alternative to plastic bags that are environmentally friendly and at the same time affordable. This alternative was non-woven fabric bags due to its properties that are completely inconsistent with the properties of plastic bags, as non-woven fabric bags are characterized as environmentally friendly materials as they are made from non-toxic natural materials that do not contain toxins, in addition to their cost is not considered Expensive compared to other alternatives.

Non-woven fabric bags

Features of non-woven fabric bags:

1- Environmentally friendly: As we mentioned before, non-woven fabric bags are made of polypropylene, which is a natural material that is harmless and does not have a negative impact on the environment or our health and the health of our children.

2- Variety of shapes: The shapes of non-woven fabric bags vary according to the size and type of your product and also as you prefer to be where there are non-woven fabric bags with an inner hand and there are non-woven bags with a separate external hand. There is also a large, medium and small size, so if your product consists of large-sized dessert plates, you will need a large size cloth bag and vice versa.

3- The quality of its materials: non-woven fabric bags have high-quality and durable materials and this is due to the durability of the material from which the bags are made in addition to the multiplicity of quality degrees according to the thickness of the material from which the bag is made, so you can determine this yourself according to your capabilities and the weight of your product, so there is no need to take it with a large thickness If your product is lightweight, the cost will be unnecessarily higher.

Its cost: compared to the prices of the alternative bags for it, it has an appropriate cost, whether for owners of large or small projects, and as we have also mentioned that the cost varies according to the weight and thickness of the material from which the bag is made, so the greater the thickness of the bag, the higher the cost with it, and the smaller the thickness, the lower the cost.

Clean ability: non-woven fabric bags are characterized by being able to be cleaned as they have the properties of normal clothes and thus can be washed and used more than once, the durability of their material and the durability of the bag help to wash them more than once and use them for a long time in order to damage the bag. This is in contrast to plastic bags that cannot handle use more than two or three times at most.

Printing your brand: If you aspire to spread your brand and market it for free by your customer, non-woven fabric bags allow you this service by printing your brand on a beautiful-looking check bag that makes your customer take it with him everywhere and thus he has marketed your brand Trade the bag without feeling. The printing on the canvas bag is a high-quality print in the most beautiful, finest, and faded color.

External appearance: The external appearance of non-woven bags is one of the most important features of it, as it has a sophisticated and attractive shape and beautiful-looking bright colors to reflect your store and brand in a manner befitting it.

Areas in which non-woven fabric can be used:

1- Clothing and shoe stores: Well-known clothing, footwear and brands dealers tend to use non-woven bags to add luster and a beautiful touch to them.

2- The medical field: The non-woven fabric is used in the manufacture of all medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, doctors’ aprons and other health medical supplies.

3- Household fabrics: Some home equipment is made from non-woven fabric, such as curtains, sanitary napkins, bedspreads and other household equipment to be less expensive than regular cloth.

Non-woven fabric bags are sold wholesale to project and store owners of all sizes, materials and colors in the quantities they need to match the final cost with their budget, as wholesale is a saving factor for them.

So if you are a store owner and seek to maintain a healthy environment for you and your children without diseases or epidemics and are looking to improve your brand and market it at the same time, start now to search for your brand in a non-woven fabric bag in the color that suits you and with your brand and the appropriate size for your product in addition to printing your brand It should be of the highest quality possible, because your product deserves to be given the right to packaging.

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